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NEW ABILITY is a fully certified BRUNO Vehicle Equipment Dealer. With more than three decades of experience selling and installing wheelchair and scooter lifts in the Chicagoland area.

Ask about the brand new "Valet Plus", Signature transfer seat and seat base.

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This beautifully designed seat swivels toward the door opening, powers through the doorway and then down to wheelchair transfer height. We can program this seat base to hug the "B" pillar, and with its power slide track, you get the most leg room available.
It's so easy to get into your vehicle with this seat, you'll wish that you had one year ago. Take advantage of our special offer of low pricing. You'll save over $1000 on the Valet Plus!

Valet Signature Seating is available for front right, (passenger side) or mid right positions in most minivans and full size vans. It is available for the front right position in many SUVs. Be sure to call us before purchasing a vehicle to find compatibility of any seat base in any position.

A Valet Plus Transfer Seat can be installed in the front left position (the driver side) in some SUVs, pick-ups, minivans and sedans.

Valet Signature Seating Will make it much easier to get out and go places because transferring will be a breeze.
Call me for a brochure or dvd at 708 345 3939 and I'll send one to you. Be ready to tell me what vehicle you would be using so I can see if the Valet or Valet Plus is compatible. Thank You!

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