New Ability Inc


Demo Equipment, Specially Priced Deals with 1 or 2 year warranty:  Bruno Curb-Sider;  Bruno Joey Lift; Bruno Chariot;  Pride Olympian Lift;  MPS Monarch hand control; Electric Left Foot Gas Pedal; PRIDE  Jazzy Air Power Chair w/10” raising seat; PRIDE  GO-GO Sport 3 wheel scooter.

Previously Owned Equipment: Left Gas Pedals;  Hand driving controls; 2 Curb-Siders;  Bruno Valet Plus Transfer Seat Base;  Bruno Turny Orbit with Carony (vehicle style seat turns into wheelchair);  Bruno Big Lifter;  Harmar side slide door Platform Lift.

As always, we can transfer your equipment into your next vehicle, as mounting kits will allow.  Call us to check compatibility before you buy your next vehicle.

NEW ABILITY offers the best adaptive vehicle equipment, installations and friendly service:

  • Driving Controls
  • Transfer Seat Bases
  • Lifts for unoccupied scooters, powerchairs, wheelchairs
  • Power Lock-downs.

Please note that you do not have to have a new vehicle for any of this equipment. All sales and services are by appointment. Monday through Friday and Saturday.

We service one or two clients at a time. Our “waiting area” is actually a plaza of stores, restaurants and a theater for you to enjoy one mile away.  After you arrive, I can take you there, and pick you up when the job is done. We can also bring your vehicle in for service and return it to you for an additional fee.

The best way to find our location:  from Lake St., find 10th Ave. (a Mobil gas station and carwash is on the corner), and go south.  At ¾ of the block, there is an alley after a beige building, turn right or west into the alley.  We are the second entrance.  Look for a green fence, tall orange poles, and my blue sign.  Beep your horn or call upon your arrival.


Notes about Driving Controls:

Driver training is a must for first time adaptive equipment drivers.  We can provide contacts.

All hand driving controls are pushed forward for the brake.  Differences are how the accelerator is operated.  Most popular is the 90 degree (right angle), down for the gas. Next is, Push-rock, a vertical handle that rotates toward you for the gas.  Then Push-Pull, pull handle opposite of the brake to accelerate.  These are all left hand-operated, and mount to the steering column under the steering wheel housing and dash.  Anyone else can still drive using the pedals. In fact, a lock-out lever, when engaged, can prevent the handle from activating the accelerator for safety.  We recommend steering knob usage for all hand control drivers, (removable knob).

Column mounted controls may require removal of a Knee Bolster Air Bag if your vehicle is so equipped. That airbag and hand control cannot be in the same place at the same time. There is an additional charge, and it must be reinstalled when control is removed. The airbag in the steering wheel stays in place and is not affected.

Floor mounted, right hand operated hand driving controls are Push-Pull.  A mast, resembling a gearshift lever is installed next to drivers’ right leg, along with the center console.  Push hand grip forward for braking, pull back to accelerate.  A button on the grip can be engaged to hold the brake “on”.  No airbag modifications are needed.


Pedal Guards are available to block OEM gas pedal, or gas and brake pedals, so they won’t be pressed unintentionally by a hand control driver.  It is removable for all other drivers.


Left Foot Gas Pedals are installed on quick release floor mounts and must be removed for all other drivers, always. Column mounted, electrically operated left foot gas pedals are available that can make the OEM gas pedal inoperative, only allowing one pedal to accelerate.


Pedal Extensions to reach the pedals, available in various sizes: 2.5”—4”;  4”—8”;  6”—11”.


Notes about Transfer Seats:   For Turny Evo,  LINK,  XL Base

To transfer onto the seat from outside of the vehicle doorway.

Transfer seat bases fit into many vehicles but not all.  Doorways may be too small, seat too high off of the ground, the floor may be too uneven, or that model’s sales volume is too low.  Vehicle specific mounting hardware is needed for each installation in each position.  Many seat positions require airbag sensor modifications.  Call us before you buy a new vehicle, or to find compatibility with your current vehicle.  When a set is replaced, you’ll have 6 color choices of MetroTech material, and 6 choices of UltraLeather.  Weight capacity 350#.

Existing seating may be ‘Stow-n-Go-ed” into the floor, but most OEM seats are removed and replaced along with the base so it can be reinstalled 100% when the transfer seat is removed. When OEM seats are modified to fit on transfer bases, they might not go back in in original condition, requiring a replacement.  OEM lap and shoulder belts still need to be fastened.  Available for many Mini-vans, SUVs, Crossovers, and Pick Up Trucks.

Allow at least one day for standard installation.


Notes about Transfer Seats:  For B&D Independence

To transfer onto seat after rolling into vehicle.

For front driver or passenger positions.  The vehicles’ own seat is used on new the base.  Switches are mounted on the side of the base, hand held pendant is optional.  Safety interlock warns of unsafe positioning.  Vehicle specific mounts and models for lowered floor ramp-vans with side or rear ramps, conventional full size lift vans and the newest styles are available.  Air bag sensor modifications may be required.  Weight capacity 500#.


Notes about Lifts:   

These lifts are for unoccupied scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs, to stow and transport the mobility devices either inside a vehicle or externally by a hitch mounted lift, or a rooftop lift (for folding wheelchairs only).  All operate on 12 volts from the vehicles’ battery.   Vehicle hatch or doorway openings can determine if a lift will fit, as does the size and weight of the mobility device to be lifted. “Five pounds of potatoes will only fit in a five pound size bag”, (or larger).  Some seat positions may be unusable as space is needed for the lift and the chair being stowed. Various weight capacity are:  70#,  100#,  250#,  350#, 400#, nothing for heavier chairs.  Most of these installations take one day.  Hitch installation is available, we use a national brand.


Notes about Power Lock-downs and Tie-downs:

A base will be installed in the vehicle floor, and a receiver will be installed on the occupied power chair or wheelchair, (not scooters).  Can be in the front passenger position or driver position in low floor side ramp vans, center position in low floor rear ramp vans.

Consult for positioning and use in full size vans.  Release switch/module can be mounted on dash or elsewhere, safety circuit will not allow release with ignition “on”.