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With scooter lifts, power chair lifts + wheelchair Lifts from BRUNO, Adapt Solutions, Pride and Armstrong, unoccupied mobility devices can be lifted and stored inside minivans, SUVs, crossovers and vans,*  or behind vehicles with an exterior lift using a hitch.*

NAi Bruno CurbHall photo - Sqr

The Bruno VSL 6000 Curb-Sider lifts from behind the bumper or around the curbside, then power swivels into the vehicle.  Each mobility device requires a bracket and “C” arm or crossbar docking device. Lifts have a 250# or 400# capacity.

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The Bruno VSL6900 Curb-Sider has an additional motorized feature to extend or retract the lift arm to fit the mobility device into smaller openings. An exterior version Curb-Sider can be mounted in pick-up truck beds.  The manual swiveling Big-Lifter is a power raise/lower only, cost saving option.

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The Bruno VSL4400 JOEY Lift is the easiest to use lift ever. Load the mobility device right onto the platform, press the button and the JOEY stores it inside.  Any scooter or power chair can be loaded as no specific brackets are needed to use the lift.

Bruno-Joey-new-barrier-SUV crop color Edited

For safety, the Joey is fitted with a Barrier Kit, that prevents the mobility device from entering the occupant areas. Retractable securement belts are an available option.  Lifting capacity is 350#.

NAi Bruno Out-Sider Sqr wht SUV loaded

The Bruno ASL 200 series Outsider Lifts are hitch mounted exterior lifts that let you keep interior space for passengers and cargo.  Mobility devices are secured with lock arms or retractable belts.  A keyed up/down switch, third brake light and plate holder are included. Out-Siders platform folds vertically when not in use. The optional Swing-Away Kit moves lift out of the way, to open rear hatch or doors.  Hitches sold separately.

NAi Bruno Chariot Sqr w guy out

The Bruno VSL 700 Chariot Lift is remarkable. It works great on small cars where a lift or mobility device will not fit inside. Though it is attached to the hitch, 90% of the weight of this lift and mobility device are NOT on the vehicle suspension…it’s on the Chariots own wheels that pivot to prevent jack-knifing.  Mobility devices are secured with retractable belts.  The platform folds vertically to save space when the lift is not in use. 350# capacity.

NAi Adapt Solu speedy-lift 01 05 2020 - Copy 2

Adapt Solutions Speedy-Lift is made for rigid and folding manual wheelchairs, to be stored behind the driver seat or passenger seat in minivans with power sliding doors. 30 second operating cycle.  Only takes the space of one vehicle seat, mounts to existing floor anchors, 95# capacity.

NAi Adapt Solu hi-lift 01 05 2020 - Copy 2

Adapt Solutions HI-LIFT is for manual wheelchairs up to 75#, mounts to the “B” pillar and takes up very little room. The HI-LIFT has power raise/lower and swing in/out functions. This lift fits in the driver or passenger side middle row of most minivans and the Mazda 5.

NAi Armstrong Ghost 6

The PTC Corp. Armstrong Lift has a unique wall-mount design that does not block folding third row seats. With a 350# capacity and a removable lift arm, this is the most versatile lift available. Docking bars are required for each mobility device being lifted.

NAi Adapt Solu power pull in van side photo 01 06 2020 - Copy 3

Adapt Solutions Power Pull is a great choice to help Get safely up the ramp into your vehicle, or out. Key fob remote-controlled cable with bracket attached to your chair and guide you in or out. Retractable, auto-locking cable systems will not unravel or get tangled up. 350# capacity, 15’ cable, for side or rear ramp minivans.