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At NEW ABILITY, installing Left Foot Gas Pedals and Hand Driving Controls are my favorite things to do. They will fit into almost every vehicle, and they will allow you to get out on your own, to drive where you want to go, independently. Installations can be done in just a few hours, by appointment. Call ahead so that I can be sure to have the correct brackets for your vehicle.
Car Pedal — Left Foot Gas Pedals in IL
Left foot Gas Pedals are for anyone who finds they have less control of their right foot to move from one pedal to another, and for right foot amputees. I install a bracket on the vehicle floor below the brake pedal. The left pedal assembly attaches to the bracket. When pressed, the left pedal pushes the right pedal for you. The brake pedal remains in the factory position and you use your left foot to press it too. There is a steel plate that blocks the original gas pedal from being pressed accidentally by the right foot or a prosthesis. This whole assembly is removable in ten seconds so that it is completely out of the way for all other drivers. Safety first you know!
Hand Driving Control — Adaptive Vehicle Equipment in IL
Hand Driving Controls allow you to operate the gas and brake pedals by hand. This is the easiest to use style: left hand, 90 degrees (or right angle), push forward (toward the dash) for the brake, and downward (toward your lap) for the gas.

A left-hand control is best because you need to hold the brake "on" using your left hand in order to use your right hand to change gears out of park. Shown above is an MPS Monarch Left Hand, 90 Degree Hand Control installed in a 2011 Mercedes C300. All other drivers can still use the pedals to drive, with only minimal interference if any, from the brake and gas connecting rods.
Hand Control — Hand Drive Controls in IL
Above is an MPS Round Spinner Knob steering device. It has a very comfortable grip and allows you to steer completely around without letting go of the wheel. Perfect for when your other hand is always on the driving control. The ball part is removable in a second, so that it will never interfere when someone else is driving. Other grip options are available: Verticle Palm, Horizontal palm, Tri-post and Hook Ring.
MPS — Hand Drive Control in IL
There are a couple of different styles of hand controls available besides the 90 Degree (right angle). All brakes operate by pushing forward, it's the accelerator motion that is different with each. The Push-Rock style (above) by Sure-Grip has a handle that points upward (like "thumbs-up") and you rotate the top of the handle toward yourself for the gas. The Push-Pull style (not shown) requires more room between the steering wheel and the dashboard, and you would pull the handle away from the dash to accelerate.
Sure Grip — Hand Driving Controls in IL
The Well-Engberg, Rotary Cable Control, or motorcycle style is just what it sounds like. You would twist the grip over the top, away from the dash to give it the gas.

Please note that some newer vehicles have an airbag in a new place. The Knee Bolster Airbag. It would be located in the lower dashboard directly in front of the drivers knees. This will create additional modification and expense for Steering Column Mounted hand controls. The knee bolster airbag would have to be disengaged then removed to allow room for the hand control. An electronic shunt would be installed so that all of the other airbags will operate as normal. This may add an hour to installation times.
Rotatry Cable Control — Pedal Rods in IL
There are two Floor mounted styles as well (instead of steering column mounted). Both are Push-Pull style, one is similar to center console gearshift levers (above) by Veigel, and the other is like a staff or tall post and is best for van applications (not shown). These may not be well suited for small vehicles or bucket seats or large center consoles.

Hand Control maintenance is important for your safety. An inspection and servicing should be done once a year. It only takes about a half hour and it will keep your hand control working at its best. If you buy a different vehicle we can transfer your hand control into the new one and cleaning and refurbishing will be done at that time.

Driver training is a must for all first timers. Safety first. All vehicles can still be driven conventionally by other drivers using the pedals. All sales and installations at NEW ABILITY are done by appointment. It only takes about 2 hours for a left gas pedal, and just about 4 hours for a hand control installation. And we have lower prices than our largest competitor. Just call 708 345 3939 if you have any questions. I'll be glad to serve you.

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