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If you need to take your scooter or wheelchair with you when you go, you are going to need a lift; a lift from BRUNO "for your independence" professionally installed at NEW ABILITY Inc. These lifts are for stowing unoccupied mobility devices only.

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There are over twenty vehicle lifts available from BRUNO to lift and store your mobility device. Interior lifts are for use in a sedans trunk, and a minivans rear or side doorway, and the rear doorway on SUVs and full size vans. This is a Curb-Sider lift. It has a lifting capacity of up to 400 pounds for those heavy scooters and power chairs.
The Curb-Sider features power raise/lower, swivel in/out, and has an optional extending/retracting arm for vehicles with a narrow doorway. The less expensive Big Lifter is similar but has power raise/lower only.

Call and tell us what vehicle and what scooter or wheelchair you will be using, and we will tell you which lift will be the best fit for your application. Not all lifts fit in all vehicles, it's best to know before you buy a new vehicle. 708 345 3939
This is the Joey Lift. It fits in the rear doorway of most minivans and can lift a scooter or power chair weighing up to 350 pounds. The Joey is considered a platform lift because it lifts from underneath the mobility device. This is the easiest lift to use of any made. You can try these lifts for yourself using the demo units I have at my store, by appointment please.
Joey Lift — Exterior Wheelchair Lift in IL
Exterior mounted lifts fit onto rear mounted hitches. The Meridian Lift can carry your mobility device supported on the hitch. And you won't believe the new Bruno Chariot (shown here). It allows you to transport your scooter or power wheelchair behind even a small car. No need to change your vehicle for higher tow or weight capacity, because most of the weight stays on the ground.
The wheels on the new Chariot swivel by themselves so you do not have to have special driving skills to use this lift. The Chariot stays directly behind your vehicle at all times, and will not jack-knife in turns or while backing up. It adds very little weight to your suspension since most of the weight goes directly down through its own wheels.
Call me for a brochure at 708 345 3939 and I'll send one out to you. Be ready to tell me what make and model vehicle you will be using. Thank You!

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